Meredith Doig, Sex Party, Senate candidate

From its beginnings in 2009, the Australian Sex Party has progressively addressed a range of political issues so that now our policies can be summarised as socially progressiveeconomically prudent and environmentally rational (ie, not ideological but based science and evidence).

As a young party, we’ve concentrated on the social issues that have been largely ignored by the major parties and as a result, our priorities have tended to be Australian-focused rather than international.

However, in the course of this campaign you and many other concerned Australians like you have asked us about our stance on peace in the Middle East. While we don’t yet have a formal policy, my own views are:

  • I would like Australia to see a resolution to the Israel / Palestine conflict as a critical international responsibility. If elected, I would seek to play an active role in reconciling the differences that are dividing Palestine and Israel in 2016 and regrettably for five decades.
  • I would do whatever I could to see the United Nations commit to an irrevocable time frame in 2017 for a conclusion to this current unacceptable situation. The UN has erred over time to have allowed a series of resolutions to be used to contribute to the stalemate that is in place today.
  • We at the Australian Sex Party subscribe to a humanistsolution to conflict in any form, the principles of which should be applied even-handedly. Both states need to understand that peaceful co-existence is the only way forward. We are convinced a solution can be found that would be agreeable to both sides.
  • We can assure the people of Australia that no visit would be undertaken for whatever reason to that area of the Middle East unless both states receive an equal allocation of visitors’ time for a better understanding of differing points of view. We would work to have this mandated by all members of governments regardless of party membership, including state parliaments.
  • If elected, I would actively work towards seeing Palestine recognised by all nations as a first step towards peace.

The Sex Party has strong policies on Foreign Aid, Immigration and Increasing the UNHCR Intake, Humane Processing of Asylum Seekers and in particular, LGBTIQ Asylum Seekers – see here.

Kind regards,

Dr Meredith Doig