Milan Maksimovic, Christian Democratic Party candidate, McMahon

Thank you for your email and for concern for persecuted Palestinians.

We will not have peace anywhere till we recognise right for all minorities, indigenous and all other nations.

I’m refugee from Bosnia and this great democratic country Australia is given me an opportunity to stand for all people that are suffering.

I have met many Palestinian people in my country. Their main concern was to study and have a family. Many of them intermarry and stayed to live in Bosnia and Serbia.  Europe is wonderful example of many wars and people coming together in one country and separating from countries and coming together again.

My goal is to help every ethnicity including Palestinians to have right for their own territory. It is up to every nation to decide if they want to live with other nations in federative or confederative bigger entity.  It is their right to leave or join other countries or nations.

We first need to start by stopping conflicts, protecting innocent children, recognising criminal acts and persecuting them.

From there we need to work very hard to develop policy that will enable all nations including Palestinians to have their own homeland and to live peacefully with their neighbours.

We all suffer so much because there is no leadership who experienced real pain of being refugee and not having home.

We all want to live together and respect each other like we do here in Australia.

We live in Australia but we all care for our brothers and sisters to have homeland and our people to live in peace and prosperity.

I cannot promise to change things in short time period. But I can promise that I will fight for all minorities to have same rights as big nations.

May I ask you if you would consider to support me in this election campaign by allowing corflute (poster) with my picture in front of your property or apartment building?

Kind regards,

Milan Maksimovic
MP Candidate for McMahon
Christian Democratic Party (CDP)


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