Please share you story! Nakba social media campaign

May 15th 1948 marks the day of the Nakba (‘the Catastrophe’) when over 750,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes due to the illegal establishment of the Israeli state in Palestine. Some forced to flee and others fled their homes carrying their keys, believing that they would be back within a few weeks. Seventy years on, more than 6.5 million refugees scattered all over the Middle East are still waiting to exercise their internationally recognised right to return.

Following years of violent massacres and the destruction of hundreds of homes and villages, the Palestinians continue to face the consequences of a decades-long occupation.

In commemoration of this day, APAN has put together a social media campaign that invites Palestinian-Australian youth to express their thoughts and feelings on the Nakba through a short, shareable video.

Project Outline:

  • Film your answer to ONE of the following questions:

What does Nakba mean to you?”  OR “Why is Nakba important to us today?

  • Target Audience: Palestinian-Australian youth under 30

Tips for filming:

  • Short video of up to 30 seconds.
  • Plain background (nothing too distracting)
  • Ensure quiet background
  • Filmed vertically
  • Good (natural) lighting

Click here for an example on what you should aim for in your video (the women speaking direct to camera).

Please send your video along with your first name to:

[email protected] by May 07, 2018

Hashtags: #OurNakba #Nakba2018 #Nakba70 #NeverForget