APAN’s Peter Manning debates Peter Wertheim on ABC TV:

Prominent Australians say no to Netanyahu

**Updated article with new signatories

A statement signed by 65 prominent Australians expresses opposition to the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister this week because of his Government’s policies towards the Palestinians.

The statement is signed by

  • senior legal professionals – including former Solicitor General Gavan Griffith QC, and former Federal Court judge Murray Rutledge Wilcox Continue reading

Jewish and Islamic voices say #no2Netanyahu

Two more groups have expressed concern about Netanyahu’s visit to Australia – the Australian Jewish Democratic Society and the Islamic Council of Victoria.

From the Australian Jewish Democratic Society release:
The Israel that Netanyahu has furthered is not one that represents Jewish or democratic values: it moves Palestinians and Israelis further away from achieving justice and peace. As a result, increasing numbers of Jewish people worldwide are standing up in opposition to the policies and practices of Netanyahu and his governmental coalition.

From the Islamic Council of Victoria release:
The recent UN Security Council resolution condemned Israel’s settlement building as a “flagrant violation” of international law and a major obstacle to a lasting peace.

It is thus very disappointing that the Australian Government has seen fit to invite the person ultimately responsible for Israel’s flagrant violations of international law.

Protesting Netanyahu’s visit

PM Netanyahu meeting with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull in New York.Netanyahu’s Government has come to the attention of both the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court.  And this month Netanyahu is scheduled to be in Australia on an official visit at the invitation of our Foreign Minister.

Say #no2Netanyahu

Email your local representatives now and tell them not to attend events where Mr Netanyahu is a guest

Join protests

Melbourne 19 Feb, 2pm, State Library

Canberra 20 Feb, 12pm, Israeli Embassy

Sydney 23 Feb, 6.30pm, Town Hall

President’s blog: Solidarity Day for Palestinians in Israel

george_on_mikeIn a recent article on the ABC Ethics and Religion site, ECAJ, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, takes a swipe at me and APAN (Australia Palestine Advocacy Network) for being anti-Semitic, but more significantly nails its own colours to the mast when it describes APAN as an ‘Anti-Israel’ network.  The only inference one can draw from this statement is that from the ECAJ perspective, to support the rights of Palestinians is necessarily to be opposed to Israel. Read more