APAN is a national coalition harnessing the passion of Australians for Palestinian human rights, justice, and equality

Picture of Mohammed El Halabi with World Vision baner behind him

Release Mohammed El Halabi!

Israel arrested humanitarian hero Mohammed El Halabi over four years ago, accusing him of diverting $50 million in aid money to Hamas.  Despite over 150 court hearings and relentless interrogations, the Israeli prosecution has failed to provide any evidence for the charges.  Mohammed must be unconditionally and immediately released.

Flier for APAN Dinner - has Palestinian map and flag with details of dinner - 23 May in Sydney

APAN Annual Dinner

23 May, 2021, Sydney

Join us for a three course meal, wonderful Palestinian entertainment, and our guest speaker will be former ABC Middle East Correspondent Sophie McNeill. Tickets available individually and in tables of 10.

Historical photo of man in uniform with gun, sitting over boatloads of people

Nakba Commemorations

May 2021, various locations

May 15 is known as Nakba Day for Palestinians, where they commemorate the catastrophe of 1948, where over 700,000 Palsetinians lost their homes as Jewish militaias razed villages and sowed fear.

Palestinians and their supporters mark the event each year with vigils, protests, and community events.

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Photo of woman smiling

Online seminar: Decolonizing Palestine Solidarity Politics & the Commitment to Relationality

19 May, 10am (AEST)
Sponsored by Indigenous Settler Relations Collaboration.

 J. Kēhaulani Kauanui will explore U.S.-based solidarity activism in relation to the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel – and the ethics of challenging one settler colonial state while positioned in another.

Investigation into Australian trade with Israel

In Early 2021 the Australian Minister for Trade expressed his support for a free trade deal with Israel. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade then announced they were underaking a feasibility study on strengthening trade and investment with Israel

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Be inspired!

Young Palestinian Australians from across the country share their hopes, dreams, visions for a future Palestine!

Title stating "We can be the generation who cares enough about millions of Palestinians to end APARTHEID and stand up for Equality

Human Rights Watch: 'To say Israel is committing apartheid is not a decision we reached lightly'

Having worked for over three decades in Palestine and Israel, Human Rights Watch Middle East Director Eric Goldstein says it’s time to call apartheid Israel for what it is – something Palestinians have been saying for years.

Goldstein writes, “This kind of two-tiered treatment was always there. What’s gone is the possibility of saying, with a straight face, that it is temporary. Israeli authorities today clearly intend to maintain this system of severe discrimination into the future.”

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Photo of Labor supporters for the recognition of a Palestinian state, Adelaide

Recognition of Palestine is ‘symbolic’ but also critical: The Australian case

Writing about the recent ALP conference decision to include Recognition of Palestine in its policy platform, Palestinian-American journalist Ramzy Baroud argues that recognition is vital in establishing the equal rights of Palestinians.

He states “the symbolism in recognising Palestine is a crucial step in dismantling Israel’s monopoly over the narrative and agenda”.

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Photo of Israeli signs with angy mob

'Death to Arabs': Palestinians need international protection

Hundreds of religious Zionist and rightwing activists in occupied East Jerusalem took to the streets chanting ‘Death to Arabs’ during Ramadan, considered the holiest time of the year
for some Palestinians.

But last week’s violence comes as no surprise to Palestinians. This escalation in tactics from Israeli right-wing activists is a result of decades of racist Israeli laws and policies, heightened anti-Palestinian rhetoric from Israeli parliamentarians, and a culture of impunity for settler violence against Palestinians.

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