Media Release: Palestine group announces boycott of Paypal

Australia’s peak Palestine advocacy group has this week closed its account with Paypal, citing its policy of refusing access to Palestinians as the reason for its decision.

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) adopted a policy of active support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement 18months ago – a movement that advocates economic moves against any body profiting from the Israeli occupation of Palestine. This is APAN’s first active move of boycott. Continue reading

Jerusalem: Foreign Minister must join condemnations of US Embassy move

 “Australia must join condemnations of Trump’s provocative move of its embassy to Jerusalem” said Bishop George Browning, the President of the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network “If the Foreign Minister refuses to join condemnations, then any talk of supporting the two-state solution is just empty rhetoric”. Continue reading

MR: Australia must not follow Trump over a cliff on Jerusalem

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network condemns Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and calls on Julie Bishop to confirm Australia’s Embassy will stay in Tel Aviv. Continue reading

Don’t whitewash Palestinians from Beersheba

UPDATE: APAN President writes to the Prime Minister following the disturbing tone of the Beersheba commemorations.

It wasn’t just foreign troops fighting the Ottomans 100 years ago. Local Palestinians had joined the campaign when Britain promised them self-rule should they win the war.

However the Palestinians were betrayed – they weren’t granted independence and 100 years later are still waiting.

Those who shared the danger of the Palestinian campaigns, should be honored in commemorations. However Palestinian stories are completely missing from commemorations.

And while we’re here….as Australian dignitaries visit Beersheba, may they know that just a few kilometres away, Palestinian Bedouin villages are being cleared and demolished.

Read APAN media release.