Ruled by law? Military Court Watch speakers in Australia

From 13-23 August 2018, in Partnership with MIAT and the Wallace Foundation, APAN hosted and supported a speaking tour with the founders of Military Court Watch, Salwa Duaibis and Gerard Horton. They discussed their work in the brutal system of Israeli military courts, especially relating to the imprisonment of Palestinian children. Check out the some photos from the event and the video of their Melbourne talk below!

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APAN response: Australia’s move to axe PA funding

The Australian Government has given into the extremist elements of its party – the same people who want to move the Australian Embassy to Jerusalem.

To summarily axe funding to the PA without any evidence of misuse of funds is draconian and shows whose side the government is on. The Government talks of supporting a two-state solution yet undermines Palestinian rights at every turn.

Julie Bishop says the donations could increase the Palestinian…

The Australian Government Appears Determined to Cover Israel’s Crimes

The killings of 106 Palestinians and injuring 10,000 should be investigated

As the world continues to be horrified by unarmed Palestinians being killed and maimed by Israeli snipers in Gaza, it is unconscionable for Australia to have voted against sending independent investigators from the UN.

It is absurd for the Australian Government to continue to talk about ‘balance’ as if these are two equal warring parties.  As the UN High Commissioner said, Gazans are “caged in a toxic slum from birth to death; deprived of dignity”, and Israel is a military power maintaining complete control over their lives.

Australia’s response to the military assaults on protests not only blames the victims, but risks creating a culture of impunity for the actions of the Israeli military.

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Op Ed: Palestinians undefeated as Israel celebrates 70th anniversary

On the eve of the commemorations of the 70th anniversary of The Nakba, APAN and the Australian Jewish Democratic Society published an Opinion Piece in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Palestinians undefeated as Israel celebrates 70th anniversary

“In spite of 70 years of dispossession and exile, despite the daily humiliation of life under Israeli rule, despite the failures of their own leadership and the enormous power arrayed against them, Palestinians do not regard themselves as a defeated people. So long as this is the case, Israel’s victory will remain at best a partial one.”

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