Matt Robertson, Greens candidate for Wentworth

Party positions on the Question of Palestine
September 2013 Federal Election, Wentworth electorate, New South Wales

Thank you for your questions and interest in the Greens’ campaign in Wentworth.

Please see the Australian Greens’ position on the Israel Palestinian conflict.

Did your party support Palestine’s bid for United Nations membership in November 2012? 

Does your party support a peace settlement based upon the 1967 borders?

  • Yes, see our position at the above link.The Greens support the rights of all people in Israel to live within peaceful, secure, UN-mandated borders.

What is your party’s position on the Jewish settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories? 

  • We oppose the expansions of settlements. See our position at the above link.

What is your party’s position on Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip?

  • We oppose the blockade. See our position at the above link.

What is your party’s position regarding aid to Palestine?

  • We support Australian aid projects in Palestine.

If you are elected, will you advocate for an Australia Foreign Policy that supports the Palestinians’ struggle for freedom and independence? 

  • Yes I will.

I thank you again for your interest in our campaign. This election may be disillusioning for people with an active interest in our democracy.

Matt Robertson, Greens candidate for Wentworth.