Mr Michael Stove, Labor candidate for Berowra

Party positions on the Question of Palestine
September 2013 Federal Election, Berowra electorate, New South Wales

Peace be with you.  Thank you for your letters and for expressing your concerns.

Forgive me if I cannot speak in behalf of my party.  I can only share my personal  views as an individual candidate for a federal seat in Berowra.

I believe in the cause of the Palestine State, in as much as I believe in peace and in a two-state solution.  I am for the peaceful resolution of the territorial dispute and the subsequent withdrawal of Jews from Palestinian territory, in accordance with the outcome of current negotiations.

For this to succeed, it is essential that Palestinians are united behind a single vision of a State for Palestinian living in peace.  It would mean that  both Palestine and Israel must abide by a moral precept  that all actions must be directed in the interest of peace.

On the issue of aid to Palestine, Sen. Bob Carr (ALP) had been forthright  in expressing his concern over the current developments in Syria.  It is indeed the largest humanitarian crisis of today, and I believe this is being addressed by the Australian government, by way of the $90million aid grant in partnership with United Nations Relief Works Agency,  and the additional $4.6 million in humanitarian aid specifically directed towards health, education, and relief services for Palestinians across the region, including those affected by the conflict in Syria.

In the interest of peace,  I sincerely hope that a fair resolution will be achieved in the near future.

Kind regards,
Michael Stove
Candidate for Federal Seat of Berowra