Fact sheets


¬†1. Call for parliamentary investigation into DFAT’s Gaza Consular Support Handling

Petition Reason
We, the undersigned, express deep concern over the alleged deceptive and misleading conduct by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) regarding the provision of consular support. Numerous Australian citizens and permanent residents have been reportedly misled into applying for visas for family members under the impression that this would facilitate consular support, particularly for crossing the Rafah border in crisis situations. This misunderstanding, stemming from DFAT’s miscommunication, has led to significant financial and emotional distress.

Petition Request
We therefore ask the House to support a thorough investigation into DFAT’s conduct in this matter. We request the Minister for Foreign Affairs direct an inquiry into DFAT officials regarding the clarity and consistency of their advice on consular support to Australian citizen and residents who have family members in Gaza. This investigation should aim to establish the truth, hold accountable those responsible for any misleading conduct, and implement corrective actions and measures to safeguarding the interests and well-being of Australian citizens and residents.


2. Release Aid Worker Mohammed El-Halabi now!

Petition by Amnesty International

Take action today and urge Foreign Minister Wong to call for an immediate ceasefire and unhindered humanitarian aid during her visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Mohammed is appealing his conviction. His trial will begin soon, and we need to show the Israeli authorities that there are thousands of people calling for his immediate release. Please sign the petition now.