Other Palestine study tours

There is nothing like seeing for yourself daily life for Palestinians.

APAN has not currently scheduled any of our own tours – but there are plenty of opportunities – below are some we can recommend.

Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD):


AMOS Trust (UK):


Interfaith Peace-Builders (USA) – offers 13-day Palestine tour


Eyewitness Palestine (USA) – current delegation tours


Grassroots Jerusalem (Jerusalem)Jerusalem Political Tour (3 hours)


Sabeel Ecumenical Liberation Theology Centre (Jerusalem) – Witness Visits (2019 programme forthcoming)


Green Olive Tours (Jerusalem) – offers a variety of day tours, multi-day tours, hiking, cycling etc throughout the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel.


Alternative Tours (Jerusalem) – offers a variety of day tours and transport services once you are in-country.


Jonathan Cook (Nazareth) – Jonathan is a British journalist based in Nazareth who offers half-day or day tours of Nazareth and the surrounding areas. Highly recommended.


Alternative Tourism Group (Bethlehem) – offers a variety of bespoke tours (olive picking, day trips, home stays etc); plus two special tours in conjunction with Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans Network:


Joint Advocacy Initiative of East Jerusalem YMCA:


To Be There (Bethlehem) – offers a variety of tour opportunities:


Breaking The Silence (Israel) – day tours led by ex-Israeli soldiers offer a unique perspective on the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. There are 2-3 tours per month offered in English and they book out fast, so be sure to book early.


Machsom Watch (“Checkpoint” Watch, Israel) – an Israeli women’s organisation who offer day trips to the West Bank – see here for upcoming trips >


Alternative Information Center (AIC) – Bridges instead of walls: A six day seminar in Palestine, 29 April-5 May 2019 (applications due 30 March 2019)



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