February 2020 | Let Palestine have its Day in Court

When the International Criminal Court’s Prosecutor ruled there is evidence of war crimes happening in Palestine and they have jurisdiction to prosecute – Australia sought to interfere with the process. 

APAN called out the Federal Government for this terrible decision, generating media attention on the issue in Crikey and the Guardian.  

In April the International Criminal Court rejected arguments made by Australia and a handful of other countries that they did not have jurisdiction to investigate.

February 2020 | Submission to Australia’s Aid Policy Framework

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade invited submissions to New international development policy.  

APAN made a written submission.

January 2020 | Media and Advocacy Bootcamp for Palestinian Youth

APAN partnered with Democracy in Color to provide a four-day intensive boot camp to equip Palestinian young people with skills in advocacy and media engagement.   Presenters included APAN staff members and Palestinians who brought expertise in media and debating skills.   Young people involved said that the training helped strengthen their connection to one another and enrich their sense of identity. They also loved hearing from influential Palestinian speakers and experts.