February 2023 | Adelaide Writer’s Week

Israeli lobby groups in Australia targeted Adelaide Writer’s Week, attacking the festival for inviting a number of prominent Palestinian authors and poets to speak. While the Adelaide Festival Director supported the speakers, South Australia’s Premier said he would personally boycott the event, and a sponsor withdrew their support.

In response, APAN worked with Adelaide-based AFOPA to organise a campaign, encouraging the public to contact their local members of parliament and tell them not to cancel the two Palestinian speakers, and to be more concerned about Israel committing apartheid than they are about a poet.
The campaign received a strong response, with hundreds getting involved, and after it began APAN received media coverage of its arguments, and additional sponsors stepped up to support Adelaide Writer’s Week

January/February 2023 | IHRA Campaigning

With the continued push by Israeli lobby groups to have Australian public institutions adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Definition of Antisemitism, APAN has been at the forefront of pushing back, with a focus on universities as the forefront of the campaigns.

APAN has worked for months liaising with universities to address the very real rise of racism on Australian campuses, but without stifling the ability of students or academics to hold Israel to account for its occupation and apartheid. While some have been receptive, others were deceptive, and either ignored meeting requests, or lied about their intentions.

Despite the setbacks, APAN has used its supporters and resources to ensure any attempts to shut down criticism of Israel is blocked, and supported the voices of Palestinians to share their stories.

Three people sitting at a table with an APAN banner behind them.  Jordy Silverstein is speaking

January 2023 | Palestine Solidarity Conference

Over three days in Victoria Trades Hall, close to 150 people listened, networked, and strategised around the movement for Palestinian justice as part of the inaugural Palestine Solidarity Conference.

Bringing people together from across Australia, and Aotearoa/New Zealand, the conference provided supporters with a deeper understanding of the historical, and current movement for Palestine both in Australia, and internationally. The conference also provided an opportunity for Palestinians and supporters to reflect on their organising, and to begin plans for a national day of action focused on the 75th nakba.

The strong attendance and engagement proved there is a keen interest within the Australian community to increase solidarity with Palestine, and to further action to support justice.

Photo of the Palestine Solidarity Conference

December 2022 | International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

For the 2022 International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, we saw a large wave of support from our Federal Parliament, with 23 parliamentarians standing up and speaking out for Palestine.

This is one of the best responses we’ve ever had, and shows the continued growth of support for Palestine within the Australian Parliament.