Palestine in Australian politics 2018

Collection of statements on Palestine and Israel from the Hansard record of the Australian Federal Parliament.

Senator Lee Rhiannon1 March 2018, Senate, Senate Estimates.  Senator Lee Rhiannon (Greens, NSW) asks about Australia’s engagement regarding Palestinian children in military detention & the US decision to move their Israeli embassy to Jerusalem. Continue reading

Roger Waters on Palestine

We were honored that Roger Waters took an evening out of his epic Us and Them tour to speak in Melbourne about Palestine.  Watch and share! (highlights below, click here for video of whole event)

Media Release 21 August 2016: ABC distorts facts to placate Israel lobby

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network notes with dismay that the ABC has declared that its description of Gaza as occupied was “not correct” and has removed the reference from its website.

“Australians have a right to expect that the public broadcaster will report the facts about Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories in an accurate and unbiased manner,” said APAN President George Browning. “The ABC’s misrepresentation of Gaza’s status to placate the Israel lobby is a breach of its contract with the Australian public.” Continue reading

Bishop Browning starts a blog

The APAN President, Bishop Browning has just started his own blog, “in service of the common good”.

His first blog post challenges why supporters of BDS are not anti-Semitic “There are several reasons why this name calling is wrong and in its own way a continuation of abuse from the powerful towards the victims of that power” he writes – read more on his blog.

Adelaide opens Palestine Centre

AFOPA picture

The Adelaide based Australian Friends of Palestine Association have opened a new Palestine Center for Peace with both resources and wonderful fair trade Palestinian Products for sale.

The Centre is located at 60 Frome Street in Adelaide.

Contact them at 08 8232 5273 or email for opening hours and more information.