Free Ahed Tamimi and all Palestinian children!

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In late December, 16yr old Ahed Tamimi was dragged from her bed in the middle of the night, and is currently in a military prison inside Israel, denied bail.  She is one of hundreds of Palestinian children who face military courts by Israel, courts which have an over 99% conviction rate.  UNICEF has called on Israel to stop the “widespread, systematic and institutionalised abuse” which happens to Palestinian children in Israel prisons.
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Parliamentarians in unity to stop the abuse of Palestinian children

**updated article, as more parliamentarians have signed statement. We are continuing to welcome more signatories.george_pressa

More than 20% of Australian parliamentarians have joined a call for Israel to end abuse of Palestinian children by its military.

Federal parliamentarians have signed the statement which was released on 28 Nov in Australia’s Federal Parliament. Click here for statement with signatories.gropu_in_line

In a month of action, many parliamentarians are also delivering speeches in the Australian parliament calling for Israel to ends its abuse of children. Click here to see speeches




Palestine in Australian politics 2016 (July-Dec)

senator-di-nataleSee separate page for Parliamentary speeches in November about the treatment of Palestinian children in Israeli military detention.

13 October, 2016, Senator Di Natale (Greens, Vic) Statement regarding a condolence motion for former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres
Shimon Peres has been described as an architect of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, …that he was the father of the settler movement, which involves the confiscation of large swathes of Palestinian land; and that in 1996 he oversaw Operation Grapes of Wrath, which involved the death of 154 civilians in Lebanon…While he was awarded a Nobel peace prize in 1994, members of that committee have expressed regret that the prize could not be recalled on the basis of the actions that followed. Continue reading

Palestine in Australian politics 2016 (January-June)

jill-hall5 May, 2016, Jill Hall (ALP, NSW), Valedictory speech
I would like to see Palestine recognised. It has been far too long that we have allowed that dreadful situation to exist. I have visited Gaza. I have seen the blockade. I have seen the appalling conditions that people are living in there, and it makes me really sad that that has been allowed to continue.

Melissa Parke MP

4 May, 2016, Melissa Parke (ALP, WA), Valedictory speech
I look forward to Australia joining the two-thirds of the world’s nations that already recognise the state of Palestine alongside the state of Israel and that support an end to the occupation. Only a solution that respects international law and the human rights of all is sustainable.

16 March, 2016, Melissa Parke (ALP, WA), Parliamentary speech noting concerning human rights developments.
I hope that Australian MPs and political party officials being treated to trips to Israel insist on seeing and informing themselves about both sides of the issue.

16 March, 2016, Senator James Paterson (Lib, VIC) in his Maiden Speech stated that:
I am a strong supporter of the State of Israel. …It would be a symbolic but important step for Australia to formally recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city and to move our embassy there.

Graham Perrett MP15 March, 2016, Graham Perrett (ALP, QLD) spoke regarding Palestinian refugees from Syria.
that there are many Syrians of Palestinian background who are not able to access the same resources as other refugees, particularly those registered with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees in the near East—the UNRWA.

3 March, 2016, Parliamentary speech, Mr Michael Sukkar (Lib, VIC) – speech regarding the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign.

2 March, 2016, Senator Ludlam (Greens, WA) and Senator Rhiannon (Greens, NSW) sought to move a motion regarding the visit of Lt Gen Benny Gantz to Australia.   When this was denied, Senator Ludlam made a statement
The UN Conference on Trade and Development late last year identified that Gaza would be uninhabitable by 2020 as a result of the serial assaults by the Israel Defense Forces on the people of Gaza City. The very least that the Australian government could do would be to make some comments, or allow a vote in this chamber, on the visit of this individual to Australia, should they have seen fit to issue him with a visa.”

 11 February 2016, Senate Estimates, Senator Scott Ludlam (Greens, WA) & Senator Lee Rhiannon (Greens, NSW) – asked questions of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Senator Ludlam: Seantor_Ludlam
The Palestinian education minister, Dr Sabri Saidam, described the meeting as very explosive and very challenging and said that rude and blunt questions had been asked and that the delegation had false information and twisted facts. I wonder—and, again, either Senator Brandis or Mr Innes-Brown, whoever wants to take this one up—did the department do any work in retrospect to try to ascertain why the minister felt this way? It sounds like a particularly undiplomatic delegation, to complete my point.

Senator Lee RhiannonSenator Rhiannon:
Has any aid money been allocated to Syrian refugees and to Palestinian refugees in Syria?
Three days ago there were reports that 23 homes of Palestinians were demolished in the West Bank. It has been reported a number of aid agencies provided tents to the approximate 100 homeless people. The European Union have called on Israel to stop the demolitions. Did Australia take any action similar to the European aid agencies? Did Australian aid fund tents or other assistance to the Palestinian people who have been rendered homeless?


4 February, 2016, House of Representatives, Melissa Parke MP (Labor-WA) gave speech to acknowledge passing of Mr William ‘Liam’ Barry, a Western Australian who had Melissa Parke MPsupported Palestine.
A 2002 trip, for which he took long service leave, to Palestine’s West Bank to conduct volunteer research work at Nablus University made international headlines when Liam and seven others were arrested at gunpoint and held for five days by the Israeli Army. The group had been in Balata refugee camp trying to help the sick and wounded after it had been shelled by Israeli forces.”

Palestine in Australian politics 2015 (July-December)

Collection of statements on Palestine and Israel from the Hansard record of the Australian Federal Parliament.
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