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APAN welcomes apology to Melissa Parke

Australia Palestine Advocacy Network welcomes the Herald Sun’s apology to Former Federal Labor MP, The Hon. Melissa Parke.

In the lead up to last year’s Federal election, the Murdoch owned tabloid was engaged in a baseless smear campaign against Ms Parke, accusing her of antisemitism without any evidence to support the claim.

Ms Parke refused to be bullied and launched defamation proceedings against the Herald Sun. The case was settled out of court in her favour, and the Herald Sun published an overdue apology and also published an important opinion piece by Ms Parke, Let’s reserve the term ‘antisemitic’ for those who truly deserve it.

To quote Ms Parke’s article:

“When the pro-Israel lobby spends much of its time in a relentless vendetta against critics of Israeli state policy, they debase the true meaning of the term ‘antisemitism’ and they let real antisemites – mainly far right white nationalists – off the hook.”

Ms Parke is also currently suing Liberal MP David Sharma for defamation, as well as Colin Rubinstein, executive director of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs, for similar accusations of antisemitism.

We commend Ms Parke on her bravery and resolve in challenging these accusations, despite the tremendous toll it has taken, and the personal and professional cost Ms Parke has shouldered. 

At APAN, we will continue to stand alongside steadfast advocates like Ms Parke, in our shared commitment to realising a safer world that respects us all.

Bishop George BrowningPresident, Australia Palestine Advocacy Network

Let Gaza live – lift the blockade now!

Israel must provide what Gazans need to fight the Corona pandemic – as the Occupying power it is Israel’s responsibility.

As the Australian Government prides itself on its close relationship with Israel, the Foreign Minister must use this to call on Israel to take its responsibilities seriously and immediately lift the blockade of Gaza.

Australia – let Palestine have its day in court!

Palestine has been seeking for the International Criminal Court to investigate war crimes against its people for over 10 years.  Late last year the Preliminary investigation by the ICC’s Prosecutor reported there is evidence of war crimes and they have jurisdiction to prosecute. Australia however is attempting to interfere with the process. 

Australia is trying to block a full and proper investigation of crimes that the international community think are most egregious, even though they know it is the only place the crimes can be tried. APAN ran a campaign through February calling out the Federal Government for this terrible decision. Click here for more background.

Trump proposal – worst in history!

Trump’s proposal delivers Israel 30% of West Bank, including the fertile Jordan Valley.  While it proposes a Palestinian State, the conditions and restrictions it imposes renders a State unviable.  The 181 page document reflects the current US administration’s deep sympathy with Israeli interests, and further encroaches on the legitimate basic rights of the Palestinian population. In response to the announcement, Israel has immediately begun processes to annex West Bank settlements.

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Lawyers trip to Palestine

APAN is excited to be working with Al Haq to offer this trip tailored to understanding the situation surrounding Israel & Palestine through the lens of international law.