APAN stands with Issa Amro

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) expresses its deep concern about the arrest of Issa Amro following his criticism of the Palestinian authorities on Facebook.  

Amnesty International has called the arrest a “shameless attack on freedom of expression”. The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Office has expressed its concern and said it will be monitoring the case, stating it is vital for citizens to have uninhibited expression regarding public figures.  Continue reading

Paypal – fair go for Palestinians

Paypal refuses service to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, but serves Israelis in illegal West Bank settlements. Join campaign to get Palestinians access. Sign Petition now

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50 years too long – Occupation of West Bank and Gaza

June 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the brutal Israeli military Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.   An occupation that seems shockingly stable.

We must redouble our efforts so the Occupation doesn’t grind on for another 50 years.

Read Bishop Browning’s Opinion Piece in the Courier Mail – there can be no peace without Justice. Or below for his video message

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APAN submission to DFAT white paper

The Australian Government is undertaking a Foreign Policy review, in the form of a ‘white paper’.

APAN made sure that voices for a fair policy for Palestine were represented, and our submission is now available on the DFAT website.

This is the first White Paper process since 2003 with the Government saying “The White Paper will provide a roadmap for advancing and protecting Australia’s international interests and define how we engage with the world in the years ahead.”

We have been deeply concerned with Australia’s policy regarding Palestine under this government, and hope that the process will provide an opportunity for some serious re-evaluation.

Join solidarity for hunger striking political prisoners

Over 1500 Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails have been on a hunger strike since 17 April – demanding an end to administrative detention and basic rights within prisons.

As they take this costly nonviolent action – show your solidarity!  Join the joint #saltwater challenge and (if you can) join a 1 day fast on May 15.

Solidarity for the strike for freedom and dignity is pouring in from around the world. There are street marches and vigils, solidarity fasts by many including religious leaders.  The #saltwaterchallenge is being taken up by Irish politicians, human rights groups such as Amnesty, superstars (Mohammed Assaf and Michael McLaughlin for example) and many many everyday people.

Now we need to show that there are also thousands of Australians who support Palestinian’s call for freedom and dignity!

The 15 May is the day to commemorate the Nakba, the catastrophe that has been waged against Palestinians from 1948 until today.  This 15 May – show your solidarity!

Take the #saltwater challenge – drink a glass of salty water.

And if you can – join the #dignitystrike – by fasting on May 15.

Post a photo/short video both on the APAN facebook event page (where we’ve posted one video already) and on your own social media, tagging APANapan and tag #saltwaterchallenge.

Click here for details Nakba commemoration events around Australia

Click here for more information about the strike and their list of demands.