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Jerusalem: Journalists attacked as Israeli nationalists march in Old City chanting Anti-Arab slogans

Israeli nationalists have again marched into the muslim quarter of Jerusalem’s old city to mark the Israeli army’s capture of Jerusalem (Al Quds) in 1967 with violence directed at media covering the event. The old city of Jerusalem is illegally occupied by Israel and this flag parade is particularly inflammatory to Palestinians and any potential peace solution.

The BBC reported that the march turned violent towards journalists with stones, sticks and bottles thrown at Palestinian and foreign journalist. The marchers also chanted racist slogans, including ‘Death to Arabs’. The far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir who joined the march declared ‘Jerusalem is ours forever’.


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Israeli forces deprive Palestinian village of access to water

The Palestinian village of Bardala (located in the northern Jordan Valley) had its water holes closed by Israeli occupation forces on Tuesday, making it the tenth time in two years that the IOF has prevented the village from accessing their water supply.

“According to Amnesty International, Palestinians in the occupied West Bank consume, on average, 73 liters of water a day, per person. Compare this to an Israeli citizen, who consumes approximately 240 liters of water a day.”


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Three Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in raid on Nablus

In yet another raid on refugee camps in the northern occupied West Bank, three Palestinian men were killed by the Israeli army in the Balata refugee camp, located in the city of Nablus.

At least seven other Palestinians were injured. The funeral procession for the three was attended by hundreds of Palestinians.

Israeli occupation forces obstructed the work of paramedics and ambulances as they were carrying out their work of transporting and treating injured people.


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