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Don’t trade away Palestinian rights!

The Australian Trade Minister wants to sign a free-trade agreement with Israel this year!

It would be completely wrong for Australia to reward Israel with this advantaged trade status given their disregard for Palestinian human rights that has led to them being investigated by the International Criminal Court!

It is clear that a free-trade agreement that rewards Israel would be bad for Palestinians, it would also be bad for Australia’s reputation as a country that respects international law.

Vale Hal, Janet & Marty

In the last month three steadfast Australian allies of the Palestinian cause, all in their 90’s, have passed on. Below is some of their stories that we hope will inspire us all to live our lives full of passionate commitment to justice. Rest in power Hal, Janet and Marty.

Professor Hal Wootten AC QC

Professor Wootten organised visits between Australian and Palestinian law schools, as well as founded a PhD program for Palestinian law graduates in Australia. Professor Wootten was also a strong supporter of the Palestinian Film Festival in Australia, and has donated his Middle East collection of books to APAN.

Read more about Hal’s contribution to Palestine

Janet Venn-Brown

Janet was an artist living in Rome when her Palestinian fiancee Wael Zuaiter was assassinated by a Mossad hit squad in 1972.  Janet edited a book, “For a Palestinian: dedicated to the voice of Wael Zuaiter”.

Click here to purchase a discounted copy of a book about her life and art!

Read her obituary published in the SMH

Marty Morrison

Marty lived a life around the world.  Her life began in the USA where in 1947 she recalls being an “idealistic 19-year old student” celebrating the life of the newly formed kibbutz in Israel. She writes “Little did I know  that 63 years later I would go to the West Bank and join a Palestine solidarity group as a volunteer..”

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Parliamentarians Speaking up for Palestine

Tony Burke MP
Labor Shadow Minister

Ken O’Dowd MP
National Member for Flynn

Adam Bandt MP
Leader of Australian Greens 

Release Mohammed El Halabi!

Five years ago Israel arrested humanitarian hero Mohammed El Halabi, accusing him of diverting $50 million in aid money to Hamas.  Despite over 150 court hearings and relentless interrogations, the Israeli prosecution has failed to provide any evidence for the charges.  Mohammed must be unconditionally and immediately released.

Photo of Palestinian child with bruised face being taken by Israeli police officers

Palestinians in Israeli prisons

Israeli police have recaptured four out of six Palestinian political prisoners, five days after they escaped from Gilboa maximum security prison through a tunnel. According to local media, two of the recaptured men are still denied access to lawyers, and one was transferred to the hospital due to torture by Israeli police.

Today, there are 4650 Palestinians held in Israeli prisoners, 40 women, 520 administrative detainees and 200 children, the majority of whom are in pre-trial detention and have not been convicted of any offence.

Israel is the only country in the world that tries children in military courts, often denying them their basic rights. Since 2000, the Israeli army has imprisoned over 12,000 Palestinian children mainly for throwing stones, a crime that is punishable under military law by up to 20 years in prison.

Photo of Israeli and Egyptian Prime Ministers

Israeli Prime Minister visits Egypt

A meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Bennett and Egyptian President El Sisi took place in Egypt, on Monday. Egyptian and Israeli leaders, who hold Gaza under blockade, have reportedly discussed ways to maintain calm in the Palestinian territories and the importance of international support for rebuilding efforts there. Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace treaty with Israel in 1979 but relations have remained cool, restricted to security cooperation and limited economic links. Earlier this month, El Sisi met with Palestinian President Abbas and Jordanian King Abdullah.

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Old photo of couple walking through Jerusalem

Zionism has no space for Arab Jews

“Zionism created a racial caste system, positioning Jews of European descent, known as Ashkenazim, above everyone else. Jewish communities who were Arab or resembled Arabness were categorized as Mizrahim, Oriental Jews, and treated as inferior. Not only were we ripped out of our ancestral homes of thousands of years, but upon arrival to the newly-founded Israel, Mizrahi immigrants experienced harsh racism and were placed in ma’abarot, or transit camps.” Hadar Cohen, a Mizrahi feminist artist and educator.

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