Bishop Browning starts a blog

The APAN President, Bishop Browning has just started his own blog, “in service of the common good”.

His first blog post challenges why supporters of BDS are not anti-Semitic “There are several reasons why this name calling is wrong and in its own way a continuation of abuse from the powerful towards the victims of that power” he writes – read more on his blog.

What did the candidates say?

Thanks to all those who forwarded responses from candidates – we have responses from 127 candidates (not too late if you haven’t sent on!). We have also listed all the individual candidate responses.

Following is a summary of each of the party’s responses, with a star rating based on their responses and history on the issue. Continue reading

Overview of candidate responses to I Vote Palestine campaign

Emails have been sent out from over 90% of electorates in the country,  ensuring that nearly every candidate in this election knows that Australian policy regarding Palestine matters to many, many Australians. Continue reading

Vote Palestine!


APAN is asking all supporters of Palestine to tell their candidates : I support Palestine and I vote!

Our online platform sends a targeted email to your candidates telling them you support Palestinian Human Rights and asks them to take a moderate pledge to also support these rights if they are elected.

APAN is also encouraging people to be more active.  Email to find out how.

See candidate responses here

Moving Australia’s embassy to Jerusalem is a terrible idea Senator Paterson

Senator_PatersonOne of the rites of passage for incoming members of the Australian Federal parliament is to make a maiden speech.  As these speeches are largely personal, and they usually don’t rate much attention beyond the member’s family and friends. They are rarely the focus of any press attention.  However Liberal Senator James Paterson’s maiden speech, delivered last week, was covered not only by the Australian media but even in the Times of Israel. Continue reading