The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) is a national coalition of organisations and individuals seeking to influence Australia’s public policy in regard to Palestine and Israel.

APAN’s membership includes a diverse range of civil society groups and individuals including those who identify with the three Abrahamic faiths. APAN’s executive reflects this diversity.  Read APAN’s objectives.

APAN believes that balance needs to be brought to the public debate in Australia about the issues relating to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. See APAN in the news.

APAN seeks a more balanced and principled approach from the Australian government in its policies towards the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and a more active role for Australia in encouraging all interested parties to bring about a just and lasting negotiated settlement. Read more about Palestine in Australian politics.

APAN’s funding and membership are entirely indigenous to Australia.

APAN offers a voice for all Australians of goodwill who wish to express their opposition to the continuation of a conflict that should have been settled decades ago.   A just and lasting solution is within grasp.