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Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) harnesses the passion of Australians to advocate for Australian policy to support Palestinian human rights, justice, and equality.

APAN was formed in May 2011

to provide a national voice for the many thousands of Australians who are concerned about Israel’s continuing human rights abuses against Palestinians, and the continuing effects of dispossession and displacement.

APAN members are diverse

and include grassroots human rights groups; Jewish and Palestinian groups; aid and development agencies; and unions. Individual members have many different backgrounds including religious leaders; academics; lawyers; former politicians, diplomats and public servants; and many others. APAN is involved in a range of activities and campaigns that seek to influence Australia’s public policy in regard to Palestine and Israel, in line with UN resolutions, human rights and international law.

APAN offers a voice for all Australians

of goodwill who wish to express their opposition to the ongoing colonisation of Palestinian land, and the continuation of a illegal and brutal military occupation that Palestinians have suffered under for decades.

We live and work on unceded Aboriginal lands

Australian Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) recognises that we live and work on unceded Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands. We acknowledge Elders past and present and their role as custodians of these lands. We acknowledge the dispossession and ongoing harm done to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by colonisation and we are inspired by their fight for recognition, rights, culture and self-determination. We pledge to support their work.

We work in the community, in parliament, with the media

Our work connects with people around the country to educate and to push for change.  Read highlights of our work.

Annual Reports

To find out more about APAN, you can download our recent reports.


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