Refund Policy

APAN is a not-for-profit organisation and the generosity of our supporters is what enables APAN to operate.  We  strive to act in absolute good faith with our supporters and ensure supporters’ gifts and contributions are treated in the way they intend.

APAN is a membership-based organisation, and membership fees provide core funding for our organisation. 

Members can cancel a membership at any time and request a pro-rata refund on their membership fee.  Memberships are due on 1 July each year.   

If members pay a membership fee in error (eg. accidentally pay twice), then the member is entitled to a full refund on the second payment.  A member can also have the membership fee count as a credit for membership of a future year. 

When APAN hosts (or co-hosts) events, we need to outlay expenses, often in advance. This includes educational events as well as fundraising events.  We make decisions (such as catering or room bookings) based on the purchase of tickets for these events. 

We understand that sometimes people purchase tickets and then are unable to attend.  

If you have purchased a ticket and can no longer attend, please consider gifting the ticket as a donation.  If the inability to attend was due to an emergency or not receiving a refund will cause a supporter hardship, then we will consider a refund.  Please contact us if this is the case.

Study Tours
APAN offers Study Tours to Palestine, with minimum participant numbers and the tour fee set at a level commensurate with costs and exchange rates at the time of the tour.  

Application to join an APAN Study Tour requires a non-refundable deposit to be paid upon registration.  This small deposit is then credited to the tour fee when the tour is confirmed to proceed; the deposit is not refunded if the participant is unable to travel.

A Study Tour is only confirmed to proceed when the minimum participant numbers are reached.  Once confirmed, the remainder of the tour fee is due; the full tour fee is required to be paid prior to the start of the Study Tour.  The inclusions and exclusions involved in the Tour Fee will be outlined to participants within the Study Tour documentation.  The Tour Fee is not refundable unless we are able to secure a refund from service providers for that part of the fee (an airline or accommodation provider for example).  This is also the case if participants are refused entry to the country, become unwell or change their mind. We encourage participants to take out travel insurance. 

On rare occasions, APAN sells products to support our campaigning for Palestine. APAN has products made based on demand, and often passes these on at cost price.  A refund of products purchased would therefore mean APAN has a loss to bear for these products. 

If you receive a faulty product, we will replace it if possible.  If we cannot replace it, we will offer a full refund, including postage costs. 

Auction and raffle prizes
APAN is grateful for many organisations and businesses who donate raffle and auction prizes for APAN events.  Donations include both products and services. APAN takes care to ensure that the donor is offering the prize in good faith and is able to provide that good or service. 

However if the donor of a good or service is unable to provide the good or service, APAN is unable to provide a refund for raffle tickets or money given at auction. 

APAN is grateful to the businesses that provide sponsorship for our events.  APAN will ensure that sponsorship benefits are expressed clearly and in writing before any sponsorship monies are accepted.  If APAN is not able to fulfil its agreement to a sponsor, then we will offer a full or partial refund, based on what we deem a relevant portion of the sponsorship amount.

Reviewed August 2020