Senator Alex Gallacher – Estimates question about meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister

photo of Senator Alex Gallacher
June 3, 2015

Questioned the topics discussed during a meeting between the Australian and Palestinian Foreign Ministers.

Whole interaction with Mr Peter Varghese (Secretary, DFAT) during Senate Estimates (Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee, Foreign Affairs and Trade Portfolio).

Senator GALLACHER: In respect of the Palestinian territories, the foreign minister met with the Palestinian foreign minister in Australia. Is there an agenda? Is there any information on what was discussed or outcomes of that meeting?

Mr Varghese : That was a useful meeting to survey the range of issues in the Middle East region. They spoke about the peace process and where that stood and what the prospects were. They spoke also about what was happening in relation to the threat from Daesh, and they spoke about Iran, and what you would expect when a Middle East foreign minister meets with an Australian foreign minister.

Link to full Hansard transcript.