We stand against antisemitism

Working for freedom and equality for Palestinians is part of a much broader goal for equality for everyone.

We therefore must stand with Jewish people to stamp out antisemitism, as we stand with all other minorities against the discrimination they face.

It is our responsibility to understand antisemitism, and to call it out, wherever we see it.

We stand against the weaponisation of accusations of antisemitism

In recent years there has been a dramatic escalation of accusations of antisemitism towards people who support Palestine – from small solidarity groups to political leaders.

These accusations are made not to enhance freedom, but to shut down discussion of Palestinian human rights.  This does not liberate anyone.

The IHRA definition of antisemitism is not a tool for public policy

It was designed, and discarded, for researchers examining racism.  It includes many examples that point to criticism of Israel that are vague and open to interpretation.

The definition has been revived as a political tool – it has been used to stifle discussion of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. Read our factsheet for more.


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Read our: Joint Statement on Antisemitism

Co-written with the Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS)