Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize


Honouring those who work for peace and justice

The Jerusalem (AL QUDS) Peace Prize recognises the inspirational and extraordinary contributions and devoted efforts of Australians seeking to aid Palestinians in their call for justice.

By sharing the amazing efforts and tireless dedication of our recipients, we will remind the supporters of justice for Palestine of their noble ambitions and further shine a light on our hope for a just peace, and also inspire the next generation of advocates seeking justice for the Palestinians.

The Jerusalem (AL QUDS) Peace Prize is an initiative of Australians for Palestine and the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network.

Nominations and Selection Committee

Nomination Process

Nominate a recipient for the Jerusalem Peace Prize
The Jerusalem Peace Prize is awarded to an inspirational and extraordinary individual for their work spreading the message of Justice for Palestine and the Palestinians.

The Jerusalem Peace Prize is awarded to recognise the efforts of a life of advocating for justice for the Palestinians.

The winner inspires us to do more as we seek a just solution for Palestine.

Who have you been admiring from afar?
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How is a recipient selected?
The Jerusalem Peace Prize is awarded to an Australian individual.

Our Selection Committee considers the nominations of highly respected members of the Australian community and assesses the merits of the nominees’ efforts to promote peace with justice for the Palestinians.

How can I nominate?
The Jerusalem Peace Foundation accepts nominations online, via email, or in writing. Nominations should be accompanied by an explanation as to merit of the nomination against the criteria for selection (approximately 200 words), together with relevant supporting material.

Mother’s Embrace by Nabil Anani

Selection Committee


Nasser Mashni
Sonja Karkar
Professor Emeritus Stuart Rees AM

Jerusalem Peace Prize 2021


Past Events


Laureate Dr. Gary Foley
2021 Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize

Laureate Antony Loewenstein
2019 Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize

Laureate Stuart Rees
2018 Jerusalem (Al Quds) Peace Prize




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All Aboriginal people in Australia, like all Palestinian people, are impacted by the ongoing occupation of our homelands. The ongoing attempts to assimilate us, the ongoing and never-ending implications of settler colonialism that are not diminishing but getting stronger, impacts all people. When I see what is going on in occupied Palestine, it hurts me.

Dr. Gary Foley

2021 Jerusalem Peace Prize recipient


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