APAN media releases

20 January 2020 Palestinians Reject Worst Proposal in History of Peace Plans

19 November, 2019 The US can’t rewrite international law, Australia must commit to fair position on settlements

23 June, 2019 Trump proposal misses the mark – Palestinians need justice, not charity

14 April, 2019 APAN condemns harassment of Melissa Parke over views on Israel

18 December, 2018 APAN welcomes Labor Party decision on Palestine

15 December, 2018 APAN Deplores Morrison’s Jerusalem Announcement

10 December, 2018 On World Human Rights Day, Parliamentarians Unite for Palestinian Children

16 October, 2018 Australia must not move Israel Embassy

15 May 2018 Palestinian Australians Commemorate 70 years of Catastrophe

31 March 2018 Israeli forces must cease violence against Palestinian protestors, amidst rising death toll

3 January 2018 Palestine Group announces boycott of Paypal

7 December 2017 Jerusalem: Foreign Minister must join condemnations of US Embassy move

6 December 2017 Australia must not follow Trump off cliff on Jerusalem

27 October 2017 APAN Concerned Over Beersheba Commemorations

4 June 2017  50 years of Israeli military occupation of Palestine

31 March 2017 Morgan Poll: Government out of touch on Palestine

19 February 2017 Prominent Australians say No to Netanyahu

20 September 2016 APAN calls on Members of Parliament to protest Netanyahu visit

21 August 2016 ABC distorts Facts to Placate Israel Lobby

2 March 2016, Israeli military leader visiting Australia says Gaza attack was “right”

29 November 2015, APAN statement on International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

26 October 2015, APAN statement on BDS

7 October, 2015, APAN Statement on Violence in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

27 July, 2015, Labor Makes Progress on Palestine

10 November, 2014, Australians support Palestine, not Israel

22 July, 2014 Stop the fighting, lift the seige

14 July, 2014 Stop the Bombing of Gaza

10 April, 2014 Palestine Advocates Endorse Carr’s Criticisms of Israel Lobby

11 February, 2014 APAN calls on action following documentary about child abuse

11 February, 2014 Stone Cold Justice (The Australian/Four Corners) welcomed by APAN

13 January, 2014 Australian FM Attending funeral of former Israeli Prime Minister is dangerous

28 May, 2013 Visiting Doctor from Gaza asks for urgent action

8 February, 2013 Bishop Browning to lead national Palestinian advocacy group

4 December, 2012 Israel acting like a bully – again!

27 November, 2012 APAN welcomes Australian abstention on Palestine UN vote

15 November, 2012 Israeli must be condemned for its attacks on Gaza

24 September, 2012 Coalition of Australian community groups call for urgent action on Palestinian human rights

21 August, 2012 Israeli speakers warn of an end to the “Jewish democratic State”

26 June, 2012 Descendants of holocaust survivors disgusted with Israel’s behaviour

8 May, 2012 Australia’s indiffference to imminent deaths of Palestinian hunger strikers

2 May, 2012 APAN calls on Government to terminate Bill Shorten’s visit to Israel

22 Nov, 2011 Stop sabotaging peace for Palestine

8 Nov, 2011  Australian Voters Support Palestine

11 Oct, 2011 Letter to Editor, Canberra Times

6 Oct, 2011 Letter to Editor, Sydney Morning Herald

6 Oct, 2011 Letter to Editor, The Australian

27 Sept, 2011 Prominent Australians call on Govt to support Palestinian Statehood

24 May, 2011 Launch of Australia Palestine Advocacy Network – APAN