August 2023 | APAN @ ALP National Conference

In August 2023 APAN participated in the ALP National Conference, hosting a very successful fringe event which had parliamentary and union speakers who had just returned from our study tours. We also printed hundreds of “Palestine: ItsTime” badges which delegates wore with pride during the conference. We had hoped that Labor would strengthen its platform, but the Party did repel attempts to weaken the policy.

Melbourne Book Club

October 2023 | APAN President on The Project

In early October, with Israel threatening to attack Gaza, the Australian President, Nasser Mashni was interviewed on Australia’s top rating program, The Project

October 2023 | Vigil for Palestine

APAN had been working with community groups towards the annual Palestine National Day event in Federation Square.  However with Israel’s horrific attacks on Gaza, the event was re-imagined into a vigil. The event was attended by thousands, an opportunity for the community to come together and mourn the Palestinian lives lost in the ongoing Gaza genocide.

Photo of Randwick Council protest

Nov 2023 | Francesca Albanese @ the National Press Club

APAN was honoured to support the visit of the UN Special Rapporteur Francesca Albanese to Australia. Francesca was in Australia hosted by the Australian Friends of Palestine Association to present the Edward Said Memorial Lecture. 

APAN facilitated a range of meetings with both parliamentarians and civil society.

One of the highlights of her visit was her presentation to the National Press Club of Australia. You can watch her presentation here.

Hon Prof Gareth Evans