August – Oct 2017 | APAN highlights Role of Palestinians in WW1 battles

Official 100th year commemorations of the Battle of Beersheba were ignoring the contribution of Palestinians and inferring a false connection with Israel.

APAN shared material on social media and posted a media release highlighting the Palestinian role, and then the APAN President wrote to the Prime Minister concerned about the apparent complete whitewashing of Palestinians from the official commemorations.

APAN also met with parliamentarians to discuss this issue, and Andrew Wilkie MP (Independent) delivered a powerful parliamentary speech indicating The best way to commemorate this battle and the part the Australians played is to now recognise Palestine and work decisively towards its independence even if it is 100 years too late.

August 2017 | Parliamentarians Reflect on their Time in Palestine

APAN hosted a dinner in Canberra where federal parliamentarians shared the painful and inspiring stories from their recent visits to Palestine.  

Addressing the dinner were Mark Coulton MP & Ken O’Dowd MP(Nationals), Maria Vamvakinou MP and Ross Hart MP (Labor), Adam Bandt MP (Greens).

You can listen to their speeches here

July 2017 | APAN co-hosts BDS Conference

APAN worked with advocacy groups around the country to host a conference to discuss BDS campaigning in Australia. 

The conference was a wonderful opportunity for academics and advocates around the country to reflect, learn and plan for the future.

June 2017 | APAN marked 50 years of Occupation

APAN marked the 50th anniversary of the Occupation of West Bank and Gaza by releasing an Opinion Piece and video calling on Australians to redouble our efforts to ensure that there isn’t another 50 years of gruelling military occupation.