August 2020 | Reject Danon as Ambassador

Reports from Israeli and Jewish Australian media indicated Israel had proposed Danny Danon as the next Ambassador to Australia.

As Danon has shown complete disregard for both Palestinian rights and international law APAN campaigned for him to be rejected as Ambassador.

APAN shared on social media some of Danon’s most offensive quotes and supported people to phone the Foreign Minister’s office calling for his rejection as Ambassador.

Photo of Danny Dannon with a quote suggesting he thinks Israel has a biblical right to all the land

June 2020 | Launch of Joint Statement on Antisemitism

Antisemitism looms large in Palestine advocacy for two reasons: firstly, it is a form of oppression we need to better understand and ensure we are working against.  Secondly malicious accusations of antisemitism are used to silence those speaking out against human rights abuses by Israel.

APAN was proud to work alongside the Australian Jewish Democratic Society to release a joint statement, which was launched with a public online event.

June 2020 | Standing Against Israeli Annexation

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Israeli intended to begin Annexation of the West Bank.

While there had been widespread international condemnation, Australian political leaders had been silent.

APAN supported thousands of Australians to write to their local MP’s calling for Australian condemnation. APAN also supported people to write to newspapers expressing their deep concern.

As a result we saw statements of opposition from:

For more background, click here for APAN’s Annexation Factsheet

Faces of people who have condemned Israeli annexation: Former PM Kevin Rudd; former Leader of the Opposition John Hewson; UK PM Boris Johnson, Foreign Affairs Shadow Minister Penny Wong and Leader of Australian Greens Adam Bandt

June 2020 | Palestine 101 webinars

Over one hundred people registered for this engaging online webinar series introducing participants to Palestinian experiences, from the Ottoman period until today.  Held over six evenings, it located Palestinian history in a political context and within an international law framework.  The series was delivered by a range of Palestinian Australian academics and supported by APAN staff.  The feedback indicated the program provided an understanding of the Palestinian situation in its historic and political context.