Government wrong to designate all of Hamas a terrorist organisation

Feb 17, 2022

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network strongly disagrees with the government’s listing of the Hamas political wing as a terrorist organisation.

As the elected governing body of Gaza, designating Hamas a terrorist organisation does nothing to advance the cause of peace, and will only cause more suffering for the 2 million people currently surviving under a 15-year Israeli blockade.

“The government has failed in its duty of searching for a peaceful solution and has shown it applies one set of rules to Palestine, and another to Israel,” APAN President, Bishop George Browning said.

“The entire process leading up to this designation has been led by those who have a political barrow to push, with only pro-Israeli groups being sought out for evidence.

“Once again this government has shown it has no interest in human rights, or the application of international law.”

APAN Vice-President, Nasser Mashni, also said the terrorist designation shows the government’s biased approach to Palestinians.

“Israel has continually been found to be an apartheid state by human rights organisations, a crime against humanity, yet it is Palestinians who once again have to suffer from this targeted bigotry,” Mr Mashni said.

“It’s no wonder Palestinian-Australians suffer racial discrimination if the government itself is happy to paint a target on our backs.”

APAN has been one of many advocacy groups, human rights groups, and conflict and peace experts, that have continually urged the Australian Government not to designate the Hamas political wing as a terrorist organisation.

Much of the information the Australian Government has based its decision on is questionable, and there is no evidence that any money raised for governance is diverted to the military.

Designating all of Hamas to hurt its military wing is an incredibly blunt instrument. In 2017 Hamas updated its overall charter which now accepts Israel and a two-state solution and took out the antisemitic aspects of the charter.

This designation will not act as a deterrence against terrorism but would damage Australia’s capacity to play a constructive role towards a Middle East Peace.

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