Poll shows community expects government action, not just words, on Gaza genocide: APAN

Feb 27, 2024

The Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) says new polling data released today demonstrates that the majority of Australians not only support a ceasefire, but also want the Australian Government to take more action to achieve that objective.

The YouGov poll, conducted by Plan International Australia, Oxfam Australia, Caritas Australia, Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA, ActionAid Australia and Baptist World Aid showed that 81% of Australians supported a ceasefire in Gaza, and 53% supported the government taking more action to achieve a ceasefire.

The poll revealed that the vast majority of voters across both major parties supported a ceasefire, with 89% of Labor voters and 74% of Coalition voters in support.

Labor voters, in particular, want to see greater government action, with 62% of respondents in favour, while 45% of Coalition voters are in support.

Meanwhile, 30% of all respondents said they would consider a representative’s support for a ceasefire when it came time to vote at the next federal election.

APAN President Nasser Mashni said the data provided the government with a clear demonstration of public support for it to condemn Israel’s genocide in Gaza, and to implement decisive action to pressure Israel into ending its atrocities against Palestinians.

“If the government was ever waiting for a signal from the community – besides the hundreds of thousands of Australians taking to the streets in protest during the past five months – that it should condemn Israel’s genocide and act to pressure Israel to comply with international law, this is it,” Mr Mashni said.

“More than 30,000 Palestinians have been massacred by Israel’s bloodthirsty regime, most of them women and children, and people are on the brink of famine as a result of Israel’s collective punishment and intentional starvation.

“Our government has a responsibility to both its citizens and under international law and the Genocide Convention to turn its 143 days of non-committal words into strong action.

“There is not another moment to lose, and the community has made clear that failing to act will have very real electoral consequences for this government.”

APAN has called on the Australian Government’s to act to prevent genocide in Gaza by:

  • Demanding an immediate, permanent, unconditional ceasefire to allow unfettered access to humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza;
  • Reinstating Australian funding contributions to UNRWA to enable the agency to continue its life-saving work;
  • Ending all trade and military contracts with the Israeli Government;
  • Implementing targeted economic sanctions against Israeli ministers and figures who have incited genocide and occupation in Gaza;
  • Using its diplomatic leverage to pressure Israel to end the genocide, including via the immediate expelling of the Israeli ambassador and proactive collaboration with other middle-power states to isolate Israel on the world stage until it complies with international law;
  • Implementing policy measures to ensure that Australia plays an active role in advocating for a political resolution to the crisis, which centres the Palestinian right to self-determination, equality, justice and right to return.